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    October 29, 2013
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well known barry creek. the news -- bay area creek. the news is next. create your om'lartnny's build your own omelette menu.
so brian webb go nobody seems to know what is going on with that mystery barge out if the bay. >> so brian webb got on a boat to give us an exclusive look at what google is up to. brian? >> reporter: liz and ken, the bright lights back behind me, that is it. the secret floating construction project hiding in plain sight out any the bay. it's behind security guards and security gates, so tonight we chartered our own both to take a closer look. we shove off for treasure island. destination, the mysterious floating google barge and the secrets that lie within. something even san francisco's own mayor admits he has no idea about. >> no, they kept to the secret from me, as well. >> reporter: as we cruise up
almost close enough to touch, you can see cargo containers are stacked four high with dark netting at one end on a barge some 250 feet long. theories on what this thing is range from a floating data center, a retail store, a super secret laboratory, all the way to a floating paintball arena. the crew tells me they did did some work on the project, but are sworn to secrecy, so we found our own expert, an architect who has built with shipping containers, and built on water. >> for this type of structure, i would have to say it's the first i've heard of. >> reporter: he said by building out of water, you're out of reach of many regulations. he thinks the theory of a data center cooled by sea water is entering, but puts his money on a floating google shopping center. >> they wouldn't be doing something so open unless they
wanted some kind of marketing blast announcing what it was. >> reporter: but alas, the google barge on treasure islands will keep it's secret for at least another day. so far google hasn't surrendered any of its secrets, but we'll stay on top of the story. >> that isn't the only mystery google barge. another one just like it is floating off the coast of maine. >> tonight a san jose man who was out looking for fortune is missing. 65-year-old water seaver went mining for gold in the high sierra last wednesday, but never came home. though nevada county sheriff's department and a team of 100 volunteers are combing through a rural area in nevada city, climbing up rocks and cliffs and treacherous terrain. tonight we talked to some people in his west san jose neighborhood. >> every day is either going to the park or the school, just
working that metal debt ore, mining his own business. he was a good guy. >> much of the sierra is blanketed in snow, more than a foot all together at donner's summit. right now crews are saying this is a rescue mission and don't expect foul play. >> a funeral for the 13-year- old boy shot and killed while carrying a pellet gun. andrea is at the spot where the boy died. >> reporter: liz, this is the spot where he died, and for the last several days, it has been the scene of much community mourning and anger in this case. today that moved inside the four walls of the church. carried by friends and family, andy lopez's body was ushered into the church with soft spanish hymns, and the heartbreak of an entire community. >> kind of gave you a little
punch in the heart. >> reporter: inside to the church, a standing room only crowd came to pay their respects and find peace with andy's death last week. >> i think maybe being here in church might consolidate you for few minutes, but then the nightmare just will never go away, ever. >> reporter: many at the mass new the teen. >> they took away one of my friends from his parents, and from my life. >> for others, andy's face was a stranger in the crowd, until his death. now the 13-year-old a symbol of violence hitting too close to home. >> heart wrenching. it was very heart-wrenching, having seen the mother, i can't even fathom what she's going through. >> long after andy was taken back to the funeral home and his family left to mourn in private, the crowd stayed, offering prayers for child who could have been their own.
>> stop, stop, please, no more. >> reporter: the funeral was today. the burial has not yet been scheduled. earlier today, more than a thousand people, team, friends, and students from local middle and high schools, marched to the sheriff's office in santa rosa to protest andy's killing. well, a california lawmaker wants to reintroduce a bill that would require all toy guns to look like toys. state senator kevin deleon on the left there originally made that proposal back in 2011. he wants the guns to be translucent or brightly colored. the nr & some toy companies fought that proposal, and it never passed. we asked him about that. >> i would imagine the people who make these toy guns say the point is for them to look real, and no one wants a gun that's bright pink, bright yellow, or
bright orange. what do you say to that? >> we're talking about children's lives that have been cut down short by law enforcement, because law enforcement did not have the ability within a split nano second to discriminate between the real thing and a fake gun. >> well, federal law requires imitation guns to have an or arage tip on the barrel, but the law does not cover pellet guns like the one andy lopez was carrying. following the tragedy in santa rosa, police departments around the bay area are warning trick-or-treaters not to carry toy guns on halloween this year, or anything else that could be mistaken for weapon. surveillance video shows four suspects in the shoot okay off nightclub bouncer in campbell. police posted the video showing three men and a woman walk was so the spot nightclub around 2:00 a.m. on saturday. authorities say one of these four suspects shot the bouncer after he asked the group to turn down their music. the bouncer is recovering.
one person is dead, three others injured, after a suspected drunk driving crash in wine country tonight. chp says a jaguar veered into a toyota at around 7:00. officers believe the drive ore of the jag was under the influence. >> witnesses observed him passing other vehicles. as he was passing other vehicles and drove his vehicle back into the southbound lane, he lost control of his vehicle. >> the passenger in the jaguar was killed. the other three people in the toyota, including a five-year- old girl, were hurt. two members of the only administration got grilled on -- obama administration got grilled today. one being the woman who oversaw the rollout of the eric website. for the first -- obama care website. for the first time, we heard someone apologize, but he she
said they still don't have answers to one key question. >> marilyn tavenner said it had nothing to do with her failing to reveal enrollment figures. >> so what i can guarantee is we have a system that's working. we're going to improve the speed of that system. >> excuse me. >> yes. >> you're saying the system right now is working? >> i'm saying it's working. it's just not working at the speed that we want, and at the success rate that we wanted. >> having blamed the web sites flaws on delays by the main. >> jaymee: t. firm hired to build it, a canadian company
called cgi, but in an apparent contra dix, she said me problems caught her off guard. >> the problems in the the first week, we attributed to volume. >> how about before october 1st. any sense at all there were going to be problems with the website? >> no, there are always going to be issues wait new website, what it would call the customary glitches that you see, but, no, not this. >> well, the web site's designers testified last week, they said the site crashed in testing two weeks before the launch date, and they said they told officials all about it. >> well, there was no apology today from the national intelligence directer who told lawmakers we've been spying on our allies for years. >> it's one of the first thing i learned in intel school in 1963, this is a fundamental given in the intelligence business is that leadership intentions, no matter what level you're talking about, that can be military leaders, as well.
>> do you believe that the allies have conducted or at any time any type of espionage at which time against the united states of america, our intelligent or leaders or otherwise? >> absolutely. the pope's security team wasn't expecting this. a little boy jumped on to the same at the vatican this weekend and gave pope frances a big hug, and the pope didn't miss a beat. >> well, yahoo's ceo makes sort of a ghoulish purchase. what does she want with this funeral home? >> reporter: i should be in three feet of water, but the creek mysteriously dried up almost overnight. . >> it's a birdie. no, it's a bear on that golf course. how he outfoxed the rangers all day long. here a word you haven't
heard in a long time. there will be frost in parts of the bay area tonight. find out how cold in your seven- day forecast coming up. ,,
kiet do walked into a sectif stephens creek between sunnyvale an something is missing from a we will known creek. walked into a section of stevens creek around sunny available and didn't get the least -- sunny available and didn't get the least bit wet. >> reporter: it doesn't look like much of a creek at all. >>s a of last friday, we have no creek. >> reporter: pete has lived next to the creek for 19 years.
last week he was shocked to see this, steel head trout dead. he said it's an endangered species. it's been a seafood bonanza for the birds and raccoons. >> reporter: a raccoon buffet? >> yes, very shortly if it dries out any further. >> reporter: and there's water in this foe to taken october 19th. and this is what it looks like 9 days later. the santa clara water district has been releasing water into the creek from local reservoirs, but it's just vanishing. >> it's certainly been a dry year. we had been keeping the water going to freemont avenue and hoping the water would continue to flow there, so we don't know exactly what caused it. >> reporter: he walked the dry bed and found 29 dried out pools. >> i don't consider myself an emotional person, but after
ending that hike the other did day, it was pretty sobering and sad. >> reporter: the water district said they will opening a valve that will come from the delta, and it will take some time for the fish to repopulate this area. that happens tomorrow. >> and there is a possibility that water being pumped at two sites upstream might to be blame. the water district has asked them to cut back on the pumping. santa clara is looking to hire more than 100 police officers, but not to patrol the streets. continue the city wants to hire 120 comes for levi's stadium. they'll be on duty during 49er games, concerts, college football games, and, of course, the super bowl in 2016. the pay for the part-time gig is $55 an hour, and tonight the city council was set to approve a $200,000 budget to approve background checks on
candidates. >> mayer mayer, yahoo's ceo just bout palo alto old 0est funeral home. it is a block away from her home. sources at the moreturary say that mayer bought the place, but won't say how much she paid. neighbors, however, are not impressed. >> what is the heck is she going to do with that place? not something i would like in my inventory. >> the move comes just after facebook's mark zucker berg bought up a hand full of properties in his palo alto neighborhood. >> not a one but two soda taxes are being floated in san francisco. two supervisors are proposing separate measures. one calls for a a a two sent tax per ounce. authority also calls for a two cent tax per ounce. they say they'll work together to put together one proposal. >> people who live near a hot
sauce factory in l.a. county say the overwhelming smell of chili peppers is making their eyes and throats burn. it's so bad, they want the plant sit down. the city has filed a public nuisance law enforcement. >> we've been over to the site, and on the interior, it's fine, the exterior is horrible. >> the chief executive says in the property closes, the price will jump, because they've already had a hard time meeting demand. a judge is set to make a ruling on thursday. well, the mavericks surf window opens on friday out near half moon bay. >> the question is, will the waves look anything like that monster right there? take a look at this. a brazilian surfer may have actually set a new world record yesterday riding this towering hundred-foot wave out in portugal. >> wow! >> and he's still around to talk about it. >> a hundred-foot wave, obviously that's -- >> we don't want that around
here. >> no. >> 30, 35 feet good for maverick's. 100 feet, the tonight want to be in the middle of the storm. we'll be very busy in the weather office that day. we'll be busy tonight. 30 nhl the north -- 30 nhl the north by a predicted for allows tonight. clear skies. good radiational clearing. here are your overnight lows. concord down to 44, livermore 43, freemont 42 degrees. the coldest night since about easter. it's a two-dog night in the barry -- bay area tonight. but the trick-or-treat forecast looks okay. it will be milder, still chilly, but halloween will be church milder than what we had today. microclimate forecast. take you to freemont. brisk despite the sunshine, only 63 for a high, but up near 70 for halloween. we say hello to november on a milder note.
but we've been chill yes the last couple of days, windy on movie because of this system, which will be out toward the great salt lake tomorrow. so you'll get sunshine from the time the sun comes up until the time it goes down tomorrow. despite that, it will still be chilly. higher pressure builds in. that means sunshine and warmer weather for thursday, friday, and saturday, before our next front moves in on sunday. temperatures staying chilly tomorrow, despite the sin sunshine all day long, look for trick-or-treating for halloween. start of of the, we will be milder. that next front request gets here on sunday. we could get breezy and cool once again, but no rainfall. in the city tomorrow, 60s. san jose, 7 degrees below and. candle will hit 67. preach month, 63. walnut creek hitting 68 tomorrow. sunshine for brent wood, 68 degrees. low 60s for clover dale. friday the warmest day, how
about mid-70s? nice for the first day of november. warm and milder saturday. cooler, cloudier as that front moves in, and we'll fall back saturday night. we'll gain that hour of sleep, and next week we'll be chilly. we have the cooldown part for fall, just need to get the rain down for fall. coming up, this is not the first time this bear has caused so much trouble. ,,,,
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rachel kim shows us the cul was big and furry.. and hasr paws. a neighborhood any alert, the culprit outfoxing those trying to catch him. >> the culprit was big and furry, and has four paws. >> reporter: his morning began restfully up in a tree, but then a tranquilizer dart got him going. running through neighbors, bolting across streets. >> running like a crazy animal. >> reporter: despite the intense pursuit, the bear remained elusive for hours. >> he was at least partially unfortunately of a fran quillizer. >> reporter: but around 5:00 p.m., the bear was spotted
again, this time running across the golf course. hank and his family were in are their backyard looking over their walls watching the animal. >> and all of a sudden starts coming right at us. we're, like, uh-oh, and we decide to run inside the house. >> reporter: with the bear now on the other side of the wall, hank thought his dog was still outside, so he decided to go back out and check. >> i checked outside to see where the bear was. i thought was in the corner over here, and my sister was the one that yelled at me to say that there was a bear in the yard, and scared me, so that's why i booked it back into the house and stayed inside the house. >> reporter: soon authorities were able to tranquilize him with a dart for the second time. sky 9 captured game ward weres and l.a.p.d. officers drag him up the hill to the truck where you could see the bear was definitely feeling the effects of the tranquilizer. >> i'm glad they didn't have to put it down or anything. i'm glad he's safe. >> well, you can tell from the tag on the bear's ear, this sentence the first time the
little guy has been in trouble with the law. >> the golden state warriors haven't won an nba championship since 1975. >> who was president? >> that was gerald ford, who was the only president not voted into office. is that true? givemy something. give me something. when was the last time last time people were talking about the warriors? ,, ,, ,,,,
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to baseball going out, baseball coming in. >> i live basketball sign. it's fun. >> and i think this is one of the most anticipated seasons in warriors history. people are talking ring. the warriors host the lakers tomorrow night, and for the first time since the wheel was invented, golden gate has a better chance than the lakers. the lakers, though, took over in the fourth. they blow out the clippers 116- 103. you can bet the lakers starters
are rested for tomorrow night. and the warriors odds to win the title 22 to 1. the heat are the favorite to win their third straight favorite. king james and company got their second straight championship ring, hosting the bulls at home. lebron james had 17 points 16 rebounds. heat win easily, and derek rose was held to just 12 points in his return to chicago after missing all of last season. one . >> rocco mediate is a rookie on tour this year. he has two event wins, and six top 10 finishes on the season with earnings over a million, but we all remember rocco from the 2008 u.s. open. tiger forced a play-off, and won the u.s. open on a bad knee. so how often is rocco asked about his 2008 u.s. open
collapse? >> every day. it's great. i mean, it would have been greatfy won. i mean, i gave it all i had, and best player worn that day, unfortunately for me. unbelievable. i knew he would make it. >> just got my butt kicked by the best player on the planet, with a broken leg. so i was going to say that before he did. but the great ones do great things, and that's why they're great. >> yeah, guys like that. that's why you want to see that golf tournament at harding. number 5, bill belichick like you've never seen him. he really does have a personality. pacers beat the imagine nick that game. and number three, the puck ping- pong ball, and the rangers beat the islanders. number 2, jagr, he scores on
the nifty breakaway, and the devils beat the lightning tonight on that beauty. >> what's number 1? >> the hold hunch book of notre dame play -- hunch back of notre dame play. the defense thought the guy was -- it's a direct snap to the kicker who throws a touchdown. that is sherwood high school in oregon with the old hunch back of notre dame play that they put in, obviously, for halloween. >> that's really something. >> yeah, it was very good. >> what happens to the family pumpkin? >> i want everybody's family pumpkin. what's my twitter handle? at kpix4. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
our next newscast is tomorr morning at 4-30.
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